Veronique miljkovitch

Véronique Miljkovitch’s ready-to-wear collections combine the raw sensuality of texture with a relaxed European fit. Designed for a dynamic woman who wants to express her creative side, these designs embody a refined allure that goes beyond trends. All the pieces are made of quality materials with great attention to detail. Ultimate comfort is matched with elegant styling to create the most wearable staples that will be cherished additions to any wardrobe.



Anne-Marie Chagnon 

Magnetic pewter, limpid glass, luminous resin, lavish gold – all materials sculpted by Anne-Marie Chagnon, to create these unique designs, eye-catching manifestations from a mysterious world of beauty from beyond. Blessed with a bountiful imagination, this graduate in visual arts shapes materials instinctively while achieving a playful harmony of form. With the search for authenticity at the heart of her approach, her signature is unmistakable, recognizable at first glance and all handmade in Montreal.



M0851 has been designing and producing bags, outerwear and accessories in Montreal for years. Traditional in conception and modern in construction, their elegant and functional lines are composed of basic shades occasionally accented by lively colours. In a day and age when fashion is often reduced to fads, and style characterized by the superficial, M0851 collections stand out by being as functional as they are refined, as beautiful as they are durable.


Twoa is a beautifully eccentric jewelry line, made in Toronto, that combines organic, eco-materials with industrial metals to create a striking and fresh spin on Bohemian Chic. Long time friends and designers Ayana Fishman and Anat Shapira turned a simple idea inspired by both the serene Mediterranean seashores and the bustle of the urban city into an accessory collaboration that immediately became an international success.


Born from a passion for style and natural fibers, Erdaine has the vision to provide women with quality knitwear that is chic and comfortable to wear. With constant research on trends, colours and textures, the designer, Jenny draws inspiration from modern art to urban life emphasizing fluid lines and geometric motifs. Implementing ideas in sketches, selecting yarns and knitting techniques, she creates distinctive styles of seamless garments.